Stone processing

Stone processing

BS Recycling carries out stone processing works in order to ensure an optimal flow of raw materials both for our own projects and for our collaborators in different areas. Through this work, we manage to obtain high quality stone that is successfully used in a wide range of industries.


Modern equipment

We use state-of-the-art technologies for stone processing in the quarry.

Experienced professionals

We are a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in quarrying and stone processing.

Our quarry stone processing services

As a company involved in various infrastructure projects, BS Recycling understands the importance of an optimal flow of the highest quality raw materials. We have designed our stone processing services to always deliver stone of the highest standards, using various techniques and processes to fully meet the requirements of each individual client.

We carry out quarrying operations to supply various types of rocks and minerals (including a dolomite processing plant). Regardless of the raw material you require, you can turn to us with confidence. Our portfolio includes the following services:

High quality stone for your projects

After quarrying and processing the rock, BS Recycling provides high quality raw materials suitable for various construction projects (buildings or various types of industrial and infrastructure constructions) or for the production of chemical products (fertilizers, construction materials, etc.).

Thanks to the high-performance technologies used in quarrying and stone processing works, as well as the qualified personnel with many years of experience in stone processing, the stone is processed properly and without defects and waste.

Our collaborators

The stone resulting from the stone processing services has been used in a wide range of projects, both within our company and by collaborators throughout the country. The professionalism and promptness of our team, combined with the high quality of the raw materials supplied, have resulted in our stone processing services being increasingly appreciated and in demand.

Today, we can proudly boast a large customer base and numerous successfully concluded cooperation agreements. If you are looking for a stone processing partner, do not hesitate to contact us!

Here are some of the collaborators and projects that have benefited from the stone processing services of BS Recycling: