Recycling and environmental remediation


Recycling and environmental remediation

BS Recycling specialists perform recycling and environmental remediation for a wide range of construction projects. We offer comprehensive greening services, from cleaning and transporting construction waste to bioremediation activities to remove pollutants from the soil and restore a healthy environment ideal for new construction projects.


Advanced technology

We have all the necessary equipment for thorough greening.

Specialists in environmental remediation

We are qualified to perform greening and recycling services on construction sites.

What types of greening and recycling services do we perform?

BS Recycling performs greening and recycling operations for construction waste in industrial and infrastructure constructions, both as a phase of site preparation for a new project and for site clearance after demolition. Our package of greening and recycling services includes the following:

Why should you contact professionals for greening /recycling?

After demolishing a building or as a stage of preparing the site for a new construction, soil cleaning and greening are essential. With our range of recycling and greening services, the BS Recycling company can help you easily dispose of the waste generated on the construction site while ensuring maximum safety conditions.

Why should you seek our help? In addition to the promptness, accuracy and high quality of our work, we are also known for our respect and responsibility towards the environment. By recycling construction waste and greening demolition materials, we are providing builders with an optimal and pleasant environment for new construction. In addition, through bioremediation, we ensure that the soil is cleaned of pollutants, creating a safe working environment for both the site operators and the future beneficiaries of the construction.

For well-executed greening and recycling, you can confidently contact BS Recycling, regardless of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our projects: The story of successful greening and recycling

The BS Recycling company has had the opportunity to carry out greening and recycling services for a variety of projects at the national level. The dedication and professionalism of our team, combined with the efficiency and precision of our state-of-the-art equipment, have produced outstanding results. Below are some of the most successful construction waste recycling, greening and bioremediation projects we have been involved in:

Ecologization works were carried out on the facilities, which could be recycled and reused.

At the Arpechim refinery in Pitești and the Petrobrazi refinery in Ploiești, both owned by the OMV Petrom Group, we carried out greening and recycling works after demolition.

Through an environmental bioremediation process, over 80,000 tons of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons were decontaminated.

Ecologization, recycling, valorization and final disposal works for demolition waste were carried out at IMGB (Heavy Machinery Enterprise Bucharest), CET Doicești and RAFO Onești.