Construction equipment fleet


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Construction equipment fleet

Our company has a fleet of over 100 state-of-the-art construction and demolition machines, as well as a fleet of approximately 20 vehicles. All of this powerful equipment plays an essential role in our projects and contributes to the precision, durability and safety standards of any type of work, whether it’s demolition, environmental remediation or construction.

Our equipment fleet at BS Recycling includes various types of construction equipment such as excavators, graders, compactors, dozers, mobile crushing and sorting stations, as well as a generous fleet of construction trucks.

Construction machinery and accessories

We possess one of the largest fleets of specialized demolition machinery and attachments in Romania, including excavators (including a 42-meter excavator), 6-ton demolition shears, 10-ton breakers, steel cutting shears, crushers and more.

Vehicle fleet

We have a fleet of over 20 construction vehicles, including dump trucks, trailers, tractors and other specialized vehicles.

Advanced technologies

We take pride in our high-performance equipment fleet, aligned with the latest technologies available on the market.

Optimal results

With the help of our construction equipment, we achieve superior work quality and deliver services that meet the highest standards.

Promptness and Professionalism

A well-equipped fleet ensures timely completion of projects and superior quality of the finished product.

Complete variety of equipment

Construction equipment for a wide range of projects

The over 100 pieces of construction equipment we have at our disposal cover the entire range of services that BS Recycling offers to its clients.

What types of equipment can you find in this equipment fleet?

BS Recycling team

Construction equipment handled by true professionals in the field!

We all know that powerful machinery alone is not enough to deliver projects and work at the highest standards. Fortunately, these construction machines are operated by true professionals, a team of capable, perfectionist individuals who are dedicated to delivering quality project after project.

The BS Recycling team is made up of dedicated members with a wide range of skills: operators specialized in demolition and infrastructure construction, qualified personnel for environmental remediation work, and specialists in quarry stone processing.

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Extensive experience in the demolition, construction and environmental remediation fields



With over 15 years of experience, we carry out demolitions in highly hazardous spaces.
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Industrial and infrastructure construction

We participate in large-scale industrial and infrastructure construction projects, providing services for soil stabilization, as well as construction of roads and highways.
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Environmental remediation

Complementary to construction and demolition services, we carry out cleaning, greening and bioremediation of construction sites.
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