Demolition of constructions

Demolition of constructions

Do you need a specialized team for demolition of constructions? BS Recycling offers demolition services for projects with a high degree of risk. In our work, we emphasize not only the safety of the operators, but also the protection of the environment, offering complementary services for cleaning and bioremediation.


Advanced technology

We have a demolition excavator, unique in Romania, with an arm 42 meters long and weighing 70 tons.

Extensive expertise

We perform all types of demolition work, including the processing of non-hazardous materials.

Construction demolition services

The specialists at BS Recycling are aware of the need to make room for new functional spaces for the construction of administrative, industrial or residential buildings, while taking care of a clean and safe environment. Therefore, they have developed a comprehensive range of demolition services for constructions, offering the following benefits:

Advanced demolition technology

BS Recycling is a demolition company with extensive experience in this field and has high-performance technologies. Currently, we have a generous equipment fleet with over 70 state-of-the-art machines, including a demolition excavator with a 42-meter long and 70-ton arm (unique in Romania). In order to carry out demolition and greening works at the highest level, we are also equipped with complete lines of machinery for the crushing of demolition materials (sorting stations, dozers, compressors, loaders, concrete cutters, demolition shears, etc.).

Our projects

Over time, we have had the honor of performing demolition work for a wide variety of projects. We have collaborated with partners on a national and international level and today we are proud of our major projects. Some of the most representative examples are demolition works at IMGB, CET Doicești and RAFO Onești, as well as projects within OMV Petrom refineries (demolition works at Petrobrazi, Arpechim, Doljchim, Oltchim refineries). BS Recycling is a certified HSEQ demolition company for demolition works in running refinery plants.

As for the greening and bioremediation works, a successful collaboration was carried out at the Suplacu de Barcău site, where the soil was sorted and placed in a biopile. In this way, more than 80,000 tons of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons were ecologically remediated through bioremediation.

Regardless of the degree of danger of the construction demolitions we have carried out, the professionalism of our team of specialists has proven itself in every cooperation. In the following sections we will present some of our projects in more detail. If you also need our help, do not hesitate to contact us!

We were involved in the largest and most complex demolition project carried out at the Heavy Machinery Enterprise in Bucharest (IMGB). The work took place on a 50-hectare built area with a completion deadline of two years and involved simultaneous implosion demolition of 6 towers, demolition of 36-meter-high halls, as well as complex sorting and remediation actions.

IMGB project in numbers:

  • Demolition of 16 towers, including 6 demolished simultaneously.
  • Demolition of a 45 ha industrial hall platform.
  • Demolition and cutting of over 100,000 tons of iron in 2 years.

Demolition of over 70,000 m3 of concrete.

  • Demolition actions at the CET Doicești Thermal Power Station, Târgoviște.
  • Controlled demolition of the largest cooling tower: 80m diameter, 100m height, located less than 13m from the first civil construction.
  • Remediation, recycling, and final disposal of resulting waste.
  • Demolition and cutting of aromatic installation facilities;
  • Remediation and utilization of resulting waste.

Demolition of a functional flow cooling tower, 70m in height – technology used for the first time in an operating refinery in Romania.

The demolition involved cutting the concrete with diamond wire at a height of 70m, followed by the axial movement of the cut plates and their controlled collapse. It should be noted that the pipeline routes were at a distance of 2m. The project was completed without any incidents.

The demolition was carried out using a 100-ton excavator with a 42m arm.

  • Demolition, dismantling, and preliminary work for the demolition and dismantling of 150 buildings within the Doljchim Chemical Plant;
  • Remediation, demolition, and dismantling of installations: urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, methanol;
  • Demolition and dismantling of main bridges.
  • Disassembly, dismantling, and demolition activities of the plant, including cutting, dismantling, and decommissioning operations;
  • Disposal of metal and non-metal waste;
  • Demolition of the plant structure down to the „zero level finished and existing concreted“.
  • Above-ground demolition of the facility, equipment removal/dismantling, asbestos recovery and storage on a concrete platform near the facility;
  • Recovery of scrap iron and non-ferrous materials resulting from the demolition;
  • Filling of pits and/or loading and transport of debris (concrete, bricks) resulting from the demolition;
  • Cutting of cables to a length of 2m.
  • Demolition of buildings – production halls, 40m high towers, covering an area of 20 hectares, volume of 105,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of buildings and general excavation: demolition of 25,000 cubic meters, general excavation of 140,000 cubic meters;
  • A highly challenging project due to a 40m tower located in the vicinity of a bridge and railway lines, as well as buildings over 20m in height near the gas pipeline.
  • Mechanized and controlled explosive demolition of the FAMOS SUCEAVA factory, covering an area of 20 hectares;
  • Total volume to be demolished: 150,000 cubic meters;
  • The factory consisted of 4 cooling towers, 5 production halls, an oxygen station, 8 settling basins, 3 mechanical workshops, 6 ancillary buildings, gas canal, and a 40m office building.
  • Construction demolition at OMV:
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Satu Mare.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Cluj 1 and Cluj 2.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Ungheni.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Oradea 1 and Oradea 2.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Iași.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Piatra Neamț.
    • Fuel depot demolitions at OMV Gheorgheni.
  • Construction demolition at Lukoil Ploiești Refinery.
  • Demolition of the SOMACO Factory in Buzău – volume of 15,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of the SOMACO Factory in Roman – volume of 15,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of the IUPS Factory in Suceava – volume of 15,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of the Ceramică SA Brick Factory in IAȘI – volume of 20,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of the Cheder Factory in Botoșani – volume of 20,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of Iulius Mall Palace in IAȘI and Municipal Beach – volume of 10,000 cubic meters.
  • Demolition of SIBIU Thermal Power Plants: construction demolitions – 3 objects located between 20-30m in height, situated among residential blocks.
  • Demolition of the Amylum Factory in Târgu Secuiesc – a project financed by European funds and monitored by APIA.
  • Demolition of the Tehnofrig Factory in Cluj-Napoca – volume of 10,000 cubic meters.