Project Details

  • Clients Marilin De Aragon
    Sarah Johnson
  • Team Peter Abrams
    Jason Born
  • Services Business, Consultancy
  • Category Business
Excavation of soil Demolition works Electric cables installation Construction of road network
180.000 m3 70.000 m3 450.000 km 10 km

Polyol: Project description

BS Recycling has carried out industrial and infrastructure construction works at the Polyol factory in Hungary, owned by the MOL group. Within this project, we have undertaken a wide range of activities, including excavation, leveling, and terracing works, as well as the construction of canal networks and roads.


Polyol in numbers

Within the Polyol project, the BS Recycling team has provided the following services:

  • Excavation of soil: 180 000 m3;
  • Leveling and terracing works: 240 000 m3;
  • Stabilization works for platforms: 120 000 m3;
  • Concrete pouring and transport: 80 000 m3;
  • Stabilization works for roads: 40.000 m2;
  • Execution of the Blue Road: 2.5 km;
  • Complete construction of the road network (10 km), using asphalt layers of various thicknesses: 110.000 m3;