Project Details

  • Clients Marilin De Aragon
    Sarah Johnson
  • Team Peter Abrams
    Jason Born
  • Services Business, Consultancy
  • Category Business
Foundation demolition (h) Chimney demolition (h) Tower demolition (h) Risk degree
7 m 208 m 100 m 5/5

CET Doicești: Project description

We are involved in one of the most significant future projects for Romania as the sole contractor for the demolition works at CET Doicești, including the demolition of foundations up to the elevation of 7 m of all existing structures.

CET Doicești in numbers

Within the CET Doicești project, the BS Recycling team has carried out the following works:

  • height of 100 m;
  • diameter of 80 m;
  • located less than 13 m from the nearest civil structure, a unique project successfully executed by BS Recycling in Romania.